To the GAT Community

We at GAT are committed to developing a fair and open platform and community. We want to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate, as well as benefit from using our platform. The GAT Token is what enables our platform to operate. It is, at its core, a utility token. Our main concern is that there will be a significant amount of sales at launch from initial investors wanting to take profit; while these sales will NOT affect our platform’s functionality, we feel that they may affect initial adoption. Because of this, we have recently made some important decisions regarding the initial distribution and tokenomics of the GAT Token. 

The initial distribution will be as follows:

30% LP = 300T

25% Public pre-sale = 250T

~12% Airdrop to V1 holders = ~120T (120,021,096,788,986)

6.6% Private pre-sale = 66T


5% Dev wallet = 50T

~3% Buy back = ~30T (29,978,903,000,000)

10% Marketing Wallet = 100T 

8.4% Burn =84T (83,600,873,396,115)


We are excited to share our dream with all of you! 

Stream. Play. Earn. Win.

-GAT Team